Strategic Partner of the conference


We are a thriving and the most recognized organization, bringing together manufacturers and distributors of medical devices operating on the Polish market. What do we do? We initiate legislative changes, We react in the case of draft legislation unfavorable to the industry, We participate in public consultations, We are a partner for decision makers (Ministry of Health, NFZ, URPLWMiPB, AOTMiT, etc.), We inform and advise, We organize training, We integrate the industry environment, We shape and disseminate ethical principles We publicize important topics for the industry, We conduct campaigns and conferences, We emphasize the importance of the medical device industry. Why join us? We represent and support companies operating in the medical device industry. We make sure that we provide entities operating in the industry with a friendly and transparent business environment. Member companies have the opportunity to report industry problems, which we try to solve efficiently, including through interventions with decision-makers. Member companies also have the opportunity to participate free of charge in, among other things, weekly meetings with a lawyer, during which the legal news of the week is discussed, as well as questions submitted in advance.

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